Internet connection

There are over a dozen mobile network operators in Sweden, and comparing all of them can be a daunting task. I have tried to make a list, with pros and cons of the various operators and my top picks.

Keep in mind that if you want to change operator with number portability you must have lived in Sweden for 8 months. If you don’t have a personnummer you can only get prepaid.

DISCLAIMER: I didn’t list all the prices and offers here, only those I would consider an option. This means that on the website you might find an offer better suited to your needs. Generally speaking though, if I didn’t include it here it’s because there’s a more convenient option. Prices and conditions as of July 30th, 2016.

Main companies

The four main companies are Telia, Telenor, Tele2 and Tre. They can be a good option if you need to set up internet at home: they offer broadband, on landline and/or 4G. If I had to set up an internet connection at home, I’d just pick one of the large contracts and use my mobile as a hotspot. Please note that, for most of these offers, you need a personnummer!

  • Telia has no binding period, and offers free surfing on social media, and you can access Telia WiFi hotspots around the city so you don’t consume your data. Except for the 4GB offer, unused data carries over (!). Calls and SMS are unlimited with every plan, and you have no roaming costs in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (!!). They also have the best coverage in all of Sweden, so that’s a plus.
4 GB 12 GB 24 GB 40 GB
309 SEK/month 409 SEK/month 509 SEK/month 609 SEK/month


  • Telenor offers similar data plans, and it also has a discount if you choose a 24-moths binding period. It also offers no roaming costs from all Europe (!!!), They also throw in 100 Gb of photo cloud storage. They have a good coverage.
3 GB 6 GB 12 GB 24 GB 50 GB
299 SEK/month 349 SEK/month 399 SEK/month 499 SEK/month 599 SEK/month
249 SEK/month 299 SEK/month 329 SEK/month 379 SEK/month 429 SEK/month


  • Tele2 has no binding period and offers unlimited calls and SMS at 149 SEK, otherwise it’s 0,69 SEK connection fee plus 0,69 SEK /minute and 0,69 SEK/SMS. This will let you save some money if you only want internet. Plus, it has the largest data offer I’ve ever seen. The prices listed are for data only. The coverage is not so good.
    Tele2 has also a student offer, which is 20% cheaper.
5 GB 20 GB 50 GB 100 GB
99 SEK/month 149 SEK/month 249 SEK/month 399 SEK/month


  • Tre has an excellent coverage in southern Sweden, but absolutely nothing in the northern half. It’s also more expensive than the other companies.
2 GB 6 GB 20 GB 50 GB
349 SEK/month 449 SEK/month 549 SEK/month 649 SEK/month


To recap: if you’re fine with a few blind spots, the most convenient option is Tele2. If you want the best service, I’d suggest Telia or Telenor.

Sister companies

Then there are their sister companies, which are probably the best choice if you only need internet on your mobile and not at home. They are the ones with student offers, which you can get if you have a personnummer, but the standard offers are also cheap. If you don’t have a personnummer, then you can only get the prepaid ones.

  • Halebob is on Telia, and my current company. Great customer service, very good cover (Telia has the best cover in Sweden). PRO: you can actually get some assistance in a Telia shop.
Prepaid Subscription Student
2 GB, 60 calls 99 SEK/month 99 SEK/month
1 GB, 50 calls, 500 SMS 99 SEK/month 99 SEK/month
2 GB, 100 calls, 1000 SMS 169 SEK/month 169 SEK/month
6 GB, 600 calls, 6000 SMS 269 SEK/month 269 SEK/month 199 SEK/month
unlimited calls and SMS
12 GB, unlimited calls and SMS 369 SEK/month 369 SEK/month


  • Comviq is on Tele2, and my former company. It is the cheapest, but it has quite a few blind areas, especially around Björksätra. You always get unlimited SMS. You won’t get any assistance in a Tele2 shop.
    It looks like they’re giving extra surf at the moment: the data here is for the current offer, not clear if it’s limited time or what.
    Note that you can combine the plans, e.g. you can get plans 1+6 to have 4 GB internet.
Prepaid Subscription Student
1 GB, 200 minutes 95 SEK/month
1 GB, unlimited calls 145 SEK/month 145 SEK/month
3 GB, unlimited calls 195 SEK/month 195 SEK/month 145 SEK/month
7 GB, unlimited calls 245 SEK/month 245 SEK/month 195 SEK/month
1 GB 50 SEK
3 GB 100 SEK
10 GB 200 SEK


  • Hallon is on Tre, good cover in southern Sweden and Stockholm, not so good prices and bad cover in the north. You always get unlimited SMS.
Prepaid Subscription Student
2 GB, 60 calls 99 SEK/month 99 SEK/month
3 GB, 60 calls 99 SEK/month
2 GB, unlimited calls 149 SEK/month

75 SEK/month for the first 3 months

8 GB, unlimited calls 249 SEK/month 249 SEK/month 199 SEK/month
22 GB, unlimited calls 299 SEK/month

149 SEK/month for the first 4 months


As you can see, it’s much harder to pick the best option. However:

  • If you don’t need much data and don’t have a personnummer, Comviq is the cheapest.
  • If you don’t need much data and have a personnummer and don’t mind the zero coverage in the north (trip to Lapland), Hallon student 3 GB is the best suited.
  • If you need over 10 GB of data and you have a personnummer, then Hallon is cheaper.
  • If you need 6-8 GB of data, the various operators are pretty similar considering pros and cons. I must say that Halebop has been great in helping me setting up the contract and getting things right (remember that everything is in Swedish, so having someone to speak to is much better) and one of the main reasons I’m with Halebop at the moment.

Virtual network operators

There are also several “virtual companies”, but I wouldn’t recommend those. You get a slight discount at the cost of worse coverage, and often worse assistance.

I personally think that Lycamobile, while it has lower prices for calls abroad, is not worth it considering all other conditions. For international calls, you can use WhatsApp or Skype.