Transports in Stockholm are pretty good, and you can do a lot with the standard ticket. You indeed take more transports than you think: besides Tunnelbana (subway), Spårvagn (tramway) and Buss (Bus ☺), you can also use it for Pendeltåg (commuter train) and Båt (local ferries). In the spring, if I get to choose, I prefer to go by ferry, just for the experience.

Google maps is good for finding the best way or the next departure, however you should download the official app (Android, Apple). You might find really bad reviews on it, but they’re about the old version.

The transport system is divided in 3 zones: A, B, C. The whole subway is in zone A, as well as tramway. It also includes the central part of Stockholm greater area (Stockholm, Solna, Sundbyberg, Danderyd, Lidingö and Nacka). If you live in Flemingsberg, then your train stop is in zone B.

All tickets (except single ride, 24 hours and 72 hours) must be loaded on the SL card. You can buy it and load it at all subway stations, as well as at Pressbyrån and Seven-Eleven (convenience stores). The price for the card is 20 SEK.

Then you need to choose the proper ticket.

  • Single tickets are pretty expensive. There are various ways to buy them:
    • Standard price: 36 SEK for one zone, 54 SEK for two zones and 72 SEK for three zones). You can buy them at the subway entrance, vending machines or even via the app.
    • SL Access credit: this is money you load on your travel card, and use it to buy tickets when you get on board. The price is then 25 SEK for one zone, 37,50 SEK for two zones and 50 SEK for three zones
  • Period tickets for everyone: you can buy:
    • 24-hours at 115 SEK (also available without the SL card)
    • 72-hours at 230 SEK (also available without the SL card)
    • 7-days at 300 SEK
    • 30-days at 790 SEK
  • Student tickets can be bought whenever you want, but you will need to show a valid student ID in case there is a check. Checks are quite frequent, and in the last week of August ther’re nearly always performed at the KTH subway stop (that is to say: don’t try it)
    • 30-days at 560 SEK
    • 90-days at 1540 SEK

Check prices and conditions on the SL website.

Once you get an SL card and a personnummer, you can register your card on Mitt SL. This way you won’t lose your period ticket if you lose your card.

How to be identified as a student

To be identified as a student the only officially accepted document is a student card with the SL logo. This rules out all foreign student cards. The Letter of Acceptance is not accepted for student identification; I was told that the KTH library card is accepted, but didn’t test it.

You will be issued a temporary student card on your smartphone around the start of the lectures (last year on September 1st), so the best thing is to buy a standard ticket until then.


Cycling is very popular in Sweden, and a good way to go to KTH or move in the city. You can buy a new bike at Decathlon, Cykelringen or many other shops. Otherwise you can buy a used one on Begcykel, Blocket, Tradera or even on Facebook.

Another common question is about the weather: it can get pretty cold in the winter, but you still people biking in the city. Just make sure to have proper clothing, and you should be able to use your bike even in January. Even more important than thermal clothing, you should buy a poncho or similar, since you will often have rain/snow.

Regarding bike thefts: I think Stockholm is safer than other large cities, and I’ve even seen bikes without a lock. Still, I’d say you should buy a good lock, since from time to time there have been reports of stolen bikes on campus. There are plenty bike parking spots on campus, so you shouldn’t worry about that.

To/from the airport

Please see the guide on the Arrival day.